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From Sharne Wolff

With an unexpected combination of literal ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ art, Hazelthurst Regional Gallery is now showing two engaging exhibitions that provide examples of the ways in which regional galleries can assist an artist’s practice by allowing space for experimentation and ‘unfinished business’.

QT_August 30_Roughing Out

Alex Seton is recognised for his extraordinary marble sculptures that blend classical design with contemporary thinking. In addition to exhibiting several sculptural installations, in Roughing Out Seton has turned his focus on his own process and use of materials. Viewed through the alternative mediums of video and performance these new works are an interesting addition to Seton’s practice: The Alchemic Cycle is a video that illustrates the breaking down and subsequent reconstitution of a block of marble while a performance entitled The Recursive Time Machine is reminiscent of other aspects of Seton’s art that combine old and new. Using an old pantograph machine Seton makes life-size marble duplicates from a digital resin print of his own hand.

Meanwhile, Hiromi Tango’s Hiromi Hotel: Moon Jellies sees Tango conjure up another in the series of her Hiromi Hotels – this time in collaboration with local artists and the Sutherland community. Based on the moon jellyfish, found in many of the world’s oceans, the resulting soft fabric sculptures ‘explore the ocean ecosystem as a metaphor for the brain’. They’re designed to be interactive and to grow organically during the exhibition. Often rather chaotic in appearance but always cheerful, warm and inviting, the lure of Tango’s work is in its appeal to the emotions.

Until October 13
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea.
Pic: Alex Seton, Half, 2013. Satuario marble, glass stone 56 x 39 x 55 cm, carton stone 73 x 39 x 40 cm, 250kgs each. Courtesy the artist and Hazelhurst Regional Gallery.

Sharne Wolff

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