Burying Time

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From Andrew Frost

The title of this show might conjure up some negative connotations: lost, missed and forgotten time. But the accompanying quote from artist Emma White gives a clue to the thinking behind the show: “My practice is where I bury time.” Artists invest huge amounts of time into their work, from the often painstaking techniques and detailed work, to the thinking that goes into a subject or idea that can be explored over many years and from many different angles.


Burying Time brings together three Breenspace artists whose works share a common obsession with detail and effect. White’s Postcard [After Margaret Preston] is a larger than life size recreation of both sides of a typical gallery postcard created using polymer clay. That the work invites interested scrutiny after you realise the work is “not real” yet created with an intense realism [albeit slightly softer] one gets an idea of the kind of time that goes into, and is embodied, in the work.

Similarly, Caroline Rothwell’s drawings of endangered insects using black carbon residue found in exhaust pipes are mind boggling both for the work ethic that created them, but also the elegant concept behind them. Mira Gojak’s standing sculptures have the appearance of exploded drawings, as if the paper surface had been expanded into three dimensions, and the careful construction belies their playfulness.

Until February 16
Breenspace, Sydney

Pic: Caroline Rothwell, Dinosaur Ant / Toyota Camry V6 Conqueror, 2012. Exhaust emission on paper, framed, 30 x 21 x 4 cm. Courtesy of Breenspace.

Andrew Frost

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