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From Carrie Miller

Taking its inspiration from the 20th anniversary premiere of beDevilTracey Moffatt’s first and only feature film – Professor Marcia Langton AM has curated an exhibition that includes the film and the work of other celebrated indigenous artists and filmmakers. Following beDevil, which tells a trilogy of self-contained narratives about characters plagued by ghostly visions – partly inspired by Moffatt’s early life – the other artists in Debil Debil take their cues from the way Moffatt’s film conjures imaginative places beyond the bounds of our knowable world.

Darren Siwes_ jingli-1_web

As curator Langton puts it, in Debil Debil the artists and filmmakers have each tackled the haunting manifestation of the ghosts of the past with potency and originality, “…drawing uniquely on Australian history, colonial tropes, landscapes, our families of fauna and flora, indigenous history, feeling, and disturbing visions that reach into our lives.”

The exhibition comprises some of Australia’s leading and critically acclaimed Aboriginal artists including Brook Andrew, Gordon Bennett, Daniel Boyd, Michael Cook, Destiny Deacon, Ricardo Idagi, Danie Mellor, Tracey Moffatt, rea, Darren Siwes, Christian Thompson, Warwick Thornton, and Nawurapu Wunungmurra. Debil Debil is held by Anna Schwartz Gallery with a cinema program starring the works of Moffatt, Thornton, activist Rachel Perkins and others held at Carriageworks.

Until June 8
Anna Schwartz Gallery, Darlington
Pic: Darren Siwes, Jingli Kwin, 2013. Giclee Print on Kodak Lustre, 120 x 100 cm. Courtesy the artist and Greenaway Art Gallery. Image reproduced courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery.

Carrie Miller

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  1. Having attended the 2nd evening screening and hearing Warwick Thornton and Marcia Langton speaking. I was blown away by the content, beauty and humour in the films presented. Most interesting screening of works I hav seen in a while. Thanks to all.

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