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Impossibly beautiful, idyllically decaying: Venice Biennale 2017

“I had expected all the art at the Biennale to be totally astounding. If this was the Olympics, we were seeing the best of the best, right?”

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Acid | Gothic

There is a feeling of resistance…

Spirit Landscapes

Tracey Moffatt has been keeping herself busy.

Making Change

It seems incredible now but it was only in 1973 that The Hon. Gough Whitlam led the first diplomatic visit to China by an Australian Prime Minister.

Debil Debil

The artists in Debil Debil take their cues from the way Tracey Moffatt’s film beDevil conjures imaginative places beyond the bounds of our knowable world.

Moffatt, Engberg: “This is such an honour…”
Ace Bourke: A Collector’s Journey

A series of personal anecdotes which reveals the significant place of art in the ongoing conversation of life.

Hijacked III

The ideal exhibition for anyone wanting to get an overview of the latest in contemporary photography…