Sleeping Rainbow/Interleaves

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From Sharne Wolff

Last year Sandra Selig’s prisms remember you was one of the stand out works in Contemporary Australia: Women – Queensland Art Gallery’s celebration of home-grown female artists. Selig lives in Brisbane and is a graduate of the Queensland University of Technology. In recent years her work has been exhibited in, and collected by, the major museums of most Australian states.

QT_August 23_Sleeping Rainbow

Selig’s practice covers a diverse range of media linked by an abiding interest in science and the subtleties of the physical world. Consequently, it’s no accident that her exhibitions are often carefully tailored to a place. For sleeping rainbows/interleaves the artist has produced a series of fifteen small paper collages. In characteristic style Selig has favoured the use of everyday and reclaimed materials for this show. Photographic images of nature and the universe drawn from a journal entitled The Violent Universe – are revived from an earlier show at the Gallery. Using an origami-style technique Selig has produced abstract compositions that merge the found images with optically charged graphics. Despite the oddness of this combination, it works. Integral to the atmosphere and feeling of the space are the elements of light and angled shadows, with everything brought together by the quiet sound of shifting paper.

Until September 7
Sarah Cottier Gallery, Paddington.
Pic: Sandra Selig, folded words & interleaves #3, 2013. Paper 27.5 x 24 x 2cm. Courtesy the artist and Sarah Cottier Gallery.

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  1. This work is engaging, the shadow it leaves behind is lovley

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