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From Andrew Frost

You’d have to be pretty brave to take on the furnishing of the domestic space as either a subject for art or as way to display it. The savage commoditisation of lifestyle has seen the rise of the hybrid shop-gallery space where soft furnishings, furniture and bespoke knick-knacks jostle for space with mostly bland art made to measure in a range of colours that will meet your every mood. In essence, decor rules. So it is with some degree of courage that a group of artists exhibiting at Articulate Project Space have chosen just such a setting for Domesticated, a group show that seeks to satirise and subvert this creeping menace to our collective psyches.


Ranged through Articulate’s warehouse space are art works that might be indistinguishable from home wares to the lay person: Elizabeth Pulie and Mim Fluhrer‘s woven works are essentially rugs while Margaret Roberts‘s cut out in plastic is far more ambiguous. Nuha Saad‘s ceramic holder-candle-like things are inscrutably blank complimenting the perhaps more art-like wall pieces by Beata Geyer. As the gallery’s blog explains the aim of the show is to create “…strange conversations between two-dimensional and three dimensional works where a wool cloud chair sits in front of a handmade wallpaper panel, African inspired wall hangings form the backdrop to an artist’s tableau and a Rietveld chair converses with hand-woven plastic mats and baskets.”

Artists also include: Will Cooke, Adrian De Giorgio, Robyn Donoghue, Anne Graham, Bettina Hill, Sione Falemaka, Steven Fasan, Mim Fluhrer, Lesley Giovanelli, Pip Giovanelli, Francesca Mataraga, Sarah Newall, Andrew Simmons and Toni Warburton.

Until December 14
Articulate Project Space, Leichhardt
Pic: Nuha Saad’s ceramic-candle-plastic objects…

Andrew Frost

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