Echo Solar Series

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From Stella Rosa McDonald

As renditions of hard-edged abstraction, Daniel Hollier’s works would be considered imperfect. Simply, they are too full of life. The paintings and prints in his Echo Solar Series evidence the small inconsistencies of the artist’s day-to-day, as one colour subtly seeps into the next, and form is remembered rather than studied.

#19 copy

Using the language of abstraction, Hollier’s exacting prints and paintings work beyond being considered simply as luminous lessons in colour and form. They are unique chronicles of the artist’s experience, at the same time as they can be easily adopted as personal narratives for the viewer. A sense of freedom comes from the rigour of this series, which features unique print works by Hollier alongside new painting and the sculpture Olympia Blue. The sculpture is a sort of visual portmanteau, referring as it does to Manet’s reclining nude as well as to the tradition of giving generic paint colours aspirational art historical names. The abstract sculpture in wire is a welcome direction for the artist and proves that the pleasure of Hollier’s work lies in the nature of its ambiguities and contradictions.

Until August 30th
Chalk Horse, Darlinghurst
Pic credit: Daniel Hollier. Shibuya Colour Series #19, 2012-2013, Unique Print, Japanese Ink on BFK Reeves. Courtesy of the artist and Chalk Horse, Sydney.

Stella Rosa McDonald

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