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From Andrew Frost

When an artist is described as being ‘hot’ it’s usually a description of where they are in their careers. Their work is ‘hot’ too – in demand, up for sale, or even sold out, thereby upping the desirability of their future work and feeding back into that sense of hotness. For everyone who isn’t the artist there’s a strange desire to get in on the action somehow, to commune with the excitement of the artist’s career and maybe even pick up one of their works, a kind of madness driven by the fear of missing out. Taking this mania as its title the exhibition #FOMO brings together the work four artists – two emerging and two mid career – who themselves could be described as ‘hot’ and whose work is both highly desirable and weirdly about this whole game of attraction and desirability.

Microsoft Word - FINAL_#FOMO_PDF Catalogue (low res).docx

Louise Zhang’s work revels in layers of attraction and repulsion and her Superficial Powers [2014] is a quasi-painting that mixes materials both superficially attractive but in some uncanny way just a bit too much. Liam Benson’s decorative pins capture a kind of glam campiness that declares admonitions, celebratory statements that come with a negative aura. Tully Arnott’s Lonely Sculpture is a mechanised sculpture with a prosthetic finger that repeatedly updates a social media app while Crinea Court’s Mountain Views is a series of works that puts narcissism back into the realm of the sublime. #FOMO is an odd beast but one with beauty at its heart.

Until August 2
Artereal Gallery, Rozelle
Pic: Liam Benson, I Know (gold), 2013. Glass seed and bungle beads, sequins, cotton, organza, bamboo embroidery hoop, crystal diamantes, 11cm diameter.

Andrew Frost

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