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em>From Sharne Wolff

Can you imagine a world of yellow oceans and red skies – where the language of everyday colour is suddenly upset? Building on the original version of this exhibition entitled Saturate, the sequel focuses on the trio of primary hues favoured by the Bauhaus school – that is, the red yellow and blue (or ‘ryb’ of the show’s title). In this display the curator of both, Nicholas Tsoutas, has selected a group of artists (most past graduates of Sydney College of the Arts) to create works that permeate all spaces of the Gallery. Liberated from all restrictions like the need to apply colour to objects, Tsoutas says the idea is further to “claim a spatial impact for saturated colour, freeing the colour from the surfaces of the room and allowing it to be in the space and not simply on the surfaces that define the space.”


Ranging from painting to installations and video projections, the work of eight artists has transformed the gallery immersing the viewer’s senses in each colour-drenched terrain. Often working with landscape to create site-specific studies, Julia Davis’sRe(a)pture #2 is a cascading video projection that employs data, materials and sound captured from live volcanoes. Nike Savvas, has used rich primaries for striking optical effect in her blue vinyl wallpaperMoiré: Spark2 and, having derived the design from an algebraic equation, the hexagonal sculptural piece in red wool entitledSliding Ladder: Dihexagonal #1. Meanwhile Tom Loveday’s artist statement notes that his works, which includeThe Animated Edge 1, a non-objective painting of coloured wavy linespaired with a video projection, seeks to “find the limits of colour in moving geometric images”.

Other artists include: Lisa Jones, Stephen Little, Jonny Niesche, Nuha Saad, and Mark Titmarsh


Until December 6
Grace Cossington Smith Gallery, Wahroonga
Pic: reSATURATEryb [installation image]. Photography: Richard Glover.

Sharne Wolff

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