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From Sharne Wolff

Like the tall mirrors adorning the walls of a luxury fashion boutique, the shiny polished stainless steel of SLUSH’s Script wall works (numbered #1–4) are, at first sight, glitzy and ornamental. On closer inspection, each work reveals the recognisable blue and green vertical lines and downward run of remnant words of a casual, ‘at length’ email conversation. A collaboration of four artists – SLUSH’s Sarah Contos, Marian Tubbs, Jonny Niesche and Justin Balmain like to ensure full team participation on each project. While the screen printed lines and words reveal a discussion among the artists about the content of this show, each piece of polished metal reflects and stands as a representation of the artists’ thoughts, the viewer and the outside world. Walking away from the space, it’s easy to imagine the artists are still chatting – perhaps dreaming up the next SLUSH project.


Next door, by contrast, there’s a distinct lack of glamour. A simulated noticeboard crowded with pinned advertisements hangs above a couple of stuffed yellow garbage bag and a half-full cup of coffee. In the corner a chicken nugget on the floor is studded with the hand of a plastic skeleton. Has someone forgotten to clean up? Named after a retired Burger King slogan, Have it Your Way displays the work of Will Benedict and David Leonard, Fiona Connor, Joshua Petherick and Puppies Puppies. Challenging the viewer variously with horror, surprise and humour, each seemingly unrelated work is linked by a connection to global food consumption and waste. Don’t miss T.S Lore’s accompanying catalogue prose Lost Somewhere Between the King and the Russian.

Until June 20
Minerva, Potts Point
Pic: SLUSH Script #2 & Script #1 2015? [installation photograph from At Length; Italian Baroque], screenprint on polished stainless steel each 222 x 125 cm

Sharne Wolff

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