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From Sharne Wolff

While we’ve always been fascinated with the way other people live, typing a few key words into a search engine has made snooping into others homes a more accessible pastime. In previous shows Kylie Banyard’s painting concentrated on the external appearance of utopian dwellings and communities. Mono Nuovo witnesses her new focus on the internal spaces and objects in a selection of hand-built homes. Concentrating on ideas based on the home of Paolo Soleri –an Italian architect responsible for designing experimental communities in Arizona – and a range of other found images, Banyard’s paintings are grounded in solid form and shape. Often suggestive of texture, an enticing colour chart appears drawn from Banyard’s long-term interest in the kaleidoscope while the works argue a good case for painting. An hour-long video work aptly titled Domescope haze continues the kaleidoscopic journey.


Besides being regularly occupied in her role as one half of Sydney artist duo Ok Yeah Cool Great, artist Kate Beckingham has been developing her solo practice. Having recently spent time in Iceland on an artist’s residency, the photographic images and sculptural works produced for Base Camp reference her physical struggles in a new landscape and the effect of her experiences on return.


Until October 12
Galerie Pompom, Chippendale
Pic: Kylie Banyard, Woodbutcher’s Living Room 2014, oil and acrylic, 83.5 x 91 cm. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Pompom.

Sharne Wolff

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