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3 Nerine Martini Boat 3

2 Nerine Martini boat 2

5 Nerine Martini Dwellings

6 Nerine Martini caravan

4 Nerine Martini Dwellings 1

1 Nerine Martini boat

The Migration Project, George Dodd Reserve, Wollongong, Commissioned by Wollongong City Council

“For the past year I have been working on a series of public artworks that honor and celebrate the contributions migrants have made to the city of Wollongong. The Migration Project was and has resulted in two separate artworks located at George Dodd Reserve in North Wollongong.

“The Boat: The symbol of the boat is a compelling reminder of the journey that migrants have made in search of a better life. The ladders represent hope. The rusted industrial “I-beam legs” of the sculpture connect the artwork firmly to the earth, suggesting stability. They contrast to the shimmering skeletal boat form, held above like a memory.

“The three posts are collectively entitled Dwellings, they reference the accommodation for migrants when they first arrived in Wollongong: sheds, caravans and the Nissen huts. This artwork reflects the story of humble beginnings, hard work and contribution to family and community life.

“Constructed mainly from steel, the artworks reference the industry and business that many of the migrants helped to establish in the Wollongong area. In addition to the funds from Wollongong City Council, many businesses have generously contributed in-kind support to the fabrication and installation of the artworks, their contribution has been a beautiful outcome for the project – Nerine

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