Total Control

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From Sharne Wolff

Indicating a predilection for media that includes stiletto heels, chains, wooden cocks and glitter cardigans, Sarah Contos first solo show with Roslyn Oxley hits town with a splash – and maybe a bit of a giggle. Contos’ interdisciplinary practice embraces sculpture, collage and installation. Here she employs each method of working. Having recently appeared in Victoria’s Heide Museum’s Future Primitive, Heide curator Linda Michael notes that Contos’ Total Control represents the artist as “…a child trying but failing to be a domestic goddess hosting dinner parties, with the décor, accoutrements and attitude just right. She wants to be this person but inherently is not.”


Sound familiar? Contos seems to have solved the problem at hand by adopting the persona of her cut out ‘Barbara’ character – a woman who, at least occasionally, takes complete charge. Mashing primitive and satire-sophisticates, fetish, cartoon and other playful approaches, Contos (aka Barbara) in post-Nigella mode plays with cult, magic and domestic-religious objects to dream up this slightly surreal range of works. It’s hard not to be seduced by Contos’ range of compelling devices that include custom-made soft frames, wonky tube-like extrusions and bursts of neon colour. Some titles probably work even better as suggestions. Among them – Strawberry Milk with Vodka, Lemon Squeeze or You’re Home Beautiful Darling [?].

Until October 24
Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Paddington
Pic: Total Control, 2015?Screen print on linen, various fabrics, poly-fil, PVC, acrylic spray paint and thread 173 x 275 x 5 cm

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