Tunes for Tuesday: Excerpt-T

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Excerpt-T from numbercult on Vimeo.

Featured as part of the ”Engine Room’ 2011 Festival and conference, celebrating the work of composer Cornelius Cardew. “In ‘Excerpt-T’ Cornelius Cardew’s work ‘Treatise’ is re-imagined through the prism of a machine dreaming. Transient sections of Cardew’s original work are ever present and form the template of the unfolding dream, the dream follows a discontinous narrative, moments shift in mesmerising yet unscrutable patterns, reflecting aspects of the original, but altered and opaque. A silicon reverie. The visual elements of the piece were Inspired by the 60’s work of graphic designer Kazumasa Nagai and by Cardew’s own system of graphical scoring. Video excerpt from High definition real time A/V installation. Built using MAX/MSP and VVVV” – Numbercult.

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