Overheard at the Fair…

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Our reporters, on the ground, at Sydney Contemporary 2019, listening in…

Joan Ross @ Bett Gallery

“I think it’s possibly the best fair yet. Onwards and upwards!” – Barry Keldoulis

“It is definitely the bestfair to date” – Tim Etchells (correcting Barry K)

 “You’re a real reporter. You just peeled me back like a banana!” – Art lover to TAL

“I’m going to make friends with nuts” – hungry artist on VIP night

“They should make the alcohol free so everyone would get pissed and buy more art” – gallerist on VIP night

“Fuuuuuuck! …why don’t they just add three bucks to the ticket price and give everyone a free drink!” – woman on Opening Night in ridiculously long bar queue 

“Immersive… well, …semi immersive” – Art lover on installation work

“That woman is resting her wine glass on the Alex Seton I just bought!” – art collector

“Shame about the bright yellow planter boxes” – art media trying to get a proper view of Nell’s Rock Gate

“It’s a sort of death in custody comment you might say” – gallerist to art media

“Last year we did $21 million in sales and I expect this year it will be over $25 million” – Tim Etchells

“I’ve heard it described as the ‘Galleries Christmas’” – Tim Etchells

“Whoever chose that colour palette should be shot!” – Fair visitor on Sydney Contemporary decor 

“The galleries are just a con to get everyone’s email addresses” – art collector

“I’m so disoriented now I don’t know which was is up” – Fair visitor lost somewhere around Aisle F

“Are you a pelican or a tour guide” – Fair visitor to art mag attendant

And on Twitter…

“Was planning on going to the Sydney contemporary at carriageworks today but I’m already getting stuff through my Instagram feed reminding me I wasn’t invited to the artists day and all the slick work there makes mine look like chicken scratchings on toilet paper” – @RobbieHBK

“We don’t know art but we know what we like: art.” – @monsterchildren

“The peerless Sally Gabori via ??@alcastongallery? at #sydneycontemporary
MyPOV: She’s better than Pollock.” – @steve_lockstep

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