The Nirin 98, sci fi sex change, Satellite of Love, equipment failure + more!

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Friday Degustation: in new, orange zest and classic flavours!

BoS 2020: NIRIN 98 Named

In the midst of all the excitement around last week’s Sydney Contemporary, the Biennale of Sydney used the event as a stage for the announcement of all 98 participating artists, creatives and collectives for the 22nd Biennale of Sydney, 2020, under the title NIRIN. In a throw back to Biennales past, Bos2020 is sited across a range of venues, including stalwart institutions the Art Gallery of NSW, Artspace, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, with the new addition of the National Art School. And welcome back to the group Campbelltown Arts Centre! [Buses leaving every now and then from somewhere or other, or a fun drive down the M5!] The 22nd Biennale of Sydney [>] “…is artist- and First Nations-led, presenting an expansive exhibition of contemporary art that connects local communities and global networks. The urgent states of our contemporary lives are laden with unresolved past anxieties and hidden layers of the supernatural,’ said Brook Andrew. ‘NIRIN is about to expose this, demonstrating that artists and creatives have the power to resolve, heal, dismember and imagine futures of transformation for re-setting the world. Sovereignty is at the centre of these actions. I hope that NIRIN (edge) gathers life forces of integrity to push through often impenetrable noise.’ For the first time, artists from Nepal, Georgia, Afghanistan, Sudan and Ecuador will participate in the Biennale of Sydney…”

“I’m interested in giving science fiction and overdue sex change..”

[>] “The future is fleshy, according to Lucy McRae. As a new exhibition of her work opens at NGV in Melbourne, the designer explains why she believes the human body holds the key to the development of technology. Lucy McRae: Body Architect on show at NGV Australia is the first career retrospective for the Los Angeles-based, Australian designer, whose work uses the body to speculate on the future. Speaking to Dezeen, McRae said that the world of science fiction is too dominated by male perspectives. She wants to explore how the future, from a female point of view, can be “messy, visceral and human”.

Exhibition: Satellite of Love in Six Verses

Robert Moore, Lipstick Killers, 2019. Oil and enamel on marine ply painted,
42 x 30cm
Robert Moore, Voight/465, 2019. Oil and enamel on marine ply painted,
42 x 30cm
Robert Moore, God, 2019. Oil and enamel on marine ply painted,
42 x 30cm
Robert Moore, The Survivors, 2019. Oil and enamel on marine ply painted,
42 x 30cm

[>] “Robert Moore is a nationally acclaimed artist who has also designed for Mambo. In this new exhibition he collaborates with the cultural entrepreneur Dare Jennings (Mambo and Deus ex Machina), who in conversation with Sydney vinyl king Jules Normington, made a selection of essential 7 inch singles from the period of 1970 to 1980. Robert will exhibit enamel painted boards of the selected vinyl labels.” At PASS_PORT STORE, 16 Oxford Square, (near Riley Street) DARLINGHURST. SEPT 19 – 29, 2019

Inevitable equipment failure!

[>] “The tension of cheap materials pushed to breaking point, inevitable equipment failure, and imminent physical demise lead to horrific scenarios. Safety and wellbeing are de-prioritised in new and liberating ways. HPPT faces fear, self preservation and risk management to create enthralling new possibilities for physical performance. HPPT was created in collaboration with visual artist Mickie Quick, sound artist Phil Downing, BN co-directors Mirabelle Wouters and Lee Wilson. This work brings all of their practices together to present an epic, visually and aurally rich and immersive experience. With the stage and objects miked up, and the live sound edited and layered live through a surround sound system, HPPT places the audience right into the action. The tension builds from the moment the audience enters and takes their seats, with the performer lying on stage blowing up a large balloon way beyond its stated capacity, to the inevitable explosion. Each scene thereafter continues to build with further wind-ups and releases, all the while maintaining edge of the seat suspense, leavened with deadpan humour.”

Follow: @a.jones_2019

When I first met Alan Jones I asked him if he was that Alan Jones. He said, yes, he was. Since then he has become even more famous, eclipsing all other namesakes. His Insta account @a.jones_2019 is a benchmark for how artists can create an unobtrusive online presence. Must follow.

Time Hole: Leaving Home, Coming Home

Can’t see the video? Click here

“Director Gerald Fox‘s documentary Leaving Home Coming Home: A Portrait of Robert Frank features intimate interviews with the filmmaker and photographer. The artist discusses his feelings about how his adopted hometown of New York City has changed over the course of his 50 years living there. The director showcases Frank’s work, including clips of some of his films including Pull My Daisy, Me and My Brother, and the little-seen Rolling Stones documentary Cocksucker Blues.”

Assorted Links

A painting at the Centre Pompidou [>] was stabbed by a knife-wielding museumgoer.

Designer Luigi Colani dies [>] after decades of curving the world

“The world’s oldest desert is to be blessed with one of the most listened-to songs – Africa by Toto. Namibian artist Max Siedentopf has set up a sound installation in the coastal Namib Desert to play on loop, in tribute to the soft rock classic…” [>] Africa by Toto to play on eternal loop ‘down in Africa’

For Cindy Sherman’s 2016 Harpers Bazaar commission the artist created a set of ‘street-style stars’ [>] flamboyant characters that would not look out of place at a fashion show.

“The British sculptor says he wants to transport visitors to “the threshold between the known and the unknown” at his ambitious new show in the Royal Academy of Arts, London…” [>] An Indoor Sea and Miles of Metalwork: Antony Gormley’s Crowning Moment

Design files: [>] driverless cars will lead to more sex in cars, study finds Of course, it’s already happened [>] Reckless couple filmed sex tape in DRIVERLESS Tesla while it cruised down motorway on its own

“A sense of mystery surrounds the keyhole-shaped kofun tombs in Japan. Although the iconic Mozu Tombs in Sakai city, Osaka have recently been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, surprisingly little is actually known about these intriguing monuments [>] kept under lock and key by the Japanese government...” 

This is [>] what future San Francisco was supposed to look like… 

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