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Critics At A Glance III

Title: I Advanced Masked Author: Justin Clemens, art critic, lecturer in psychoanalysis. Newspaper/DOP: The Monthly, April 2006Subject: Volte Face: Mike Parr Prints & Pre-Prints 1970-2005, Museum of Contemporary Art. Bottom line: Parr is both an expressionist and a conceptualist, acutely

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Poll Shock: It Doesn’t Matter

Is it really that… It doesnt really matter? 38% (24)Its all about context? 11% (7)Originality is a sham? 8% (5)Only tradition truly matters? 3% (2)That there has to be an open bar? 23% (15)Some people are never satisfied? 17% (11)

Space Is The Place

The car park is nearly empty. There are benches for sitting on and paths to follow, there are bushes and trees and a long stretch of green lawn with a sculpture in the middle, but there is no one around,

Nina Hagen Sings African Reggae

Samuel Bruce’s Close all Channelsopens at PELT on the Wednesday 3 May 2006. Close all channels Рconnect to nothing. A writhing monochrome tentacle suspended in the void, twitching with the impulses of an impossible physics. Close All Channels is

Hello Blog Friends

Evolution, Time Nature Library, 1964. “Marrickville council has some ART In THE PARK thing at Manudrell Park at Petersham. It sounds Ghastly and they should get someone new to rewrite their press releases. Fortunately I do KNOW some of the

Poll: As an artist I…

As an artist I… Seek out other artists 27% (25) Network within the arts community 3% (3) Rarely go out at all 23% (21) Prefer the company of women 16% (15) Am Looking to build a commune 5% (5) Will

Helter Skelter [Bensville Remix]

The Art Life will return with a full update on Wednesday April 26. In the meantime, please enjoy the story of a sham artist, the history of Scratch Video, download art history , see some very small buildings, preview the

Rock The Vote

Recent Art Life emails, comments and other correspondences have represented a very wide readership, ranging from Christians doing good work to artists embarking on shameless self promotion. We have also recently received this comment from someone who calls themselves Give-A-Shit:

The Colour Of Avocado

As part of our new found determination to seek out other art writing, the sort we actually like, we have the pleasure of presenting a piece for your consideration by Sydney artist, curator and writer Reuben Keehan. Written to accompany

New Model ARI

This Wednesday sees the opening of a new artist run initiative Loose. Located in the same building as the much loved but now departed Scott Donovan Gallery and just next door to the very much still here Mori Gallery, Loose