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BOS2010: Newell Harry

As Newell Harry asks, what’s the point of being king sh_t of turd island? Heaps, says Carrie Miller…

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What not to do

What not to do

Art Life , News , Stuff Sep 23, 2009

“Hou Hanru’s 2007 Istanbul Biennial was a notoriously unwieldy affair. “Not Only Possible But Also Necessary: Optimism in a Time of Global War” assembled an unprecedented number of artists in multiple venues (two of them unreachable except via taxi), under

Def mute protests Biennale exclusion…

Protest at the opening ceremony of the Beijing 798 Biennale “The inaugural Beijing 798 Biennale, held in the sprawling 798 art district in China’s capital, saw a chaotic opening on 15 August, with major works by Chinese artists widely censored

Curiously Enough – It Don’t Add Up Part 2

Last week’s post It Don’t Add Up was a contribution from a reader, an actual doctor in an actual university who knows about such things. The reader’s point was simple – the formula for the creation art didn’t quite mean

Warning: Porn Inside

“Except for Ken Yonetani’s Sweet Barrier Reef, a rather dull comment on the effects of consumerism on nature, the Australian off-site project Once Removed curated by Felicity Fenner offers a refreshing insight into the predicament of displacement. Undoubtedly part of

It Don’t Add Up

The Biennale of Sydney has put out an advance brochure that contains the two equations: art + beauty + empathy = power power – beauty – empathy = tyranny Anyone with a primary school understanding of mathematics knows that if

Venice Thoughts

From Joanna Mendelssohn… The Director of the 53rd Venice Biennale, Director Daniel Birnbaum, says that the title Making Worlds ‘expresses my wish to emphasize the process of creation’. The problem is that for the most part this process seems to

Off The Rails

Off The Rails

Media Jun 23, 2009

The paltry offerings from Australian art critics sojourning in Italy for the 2009 Venice Biennale have been thus far the usual predictable fare – pithy putdowns for art they have no time for, offering instead a blanket refusal to engage

Venice Reflux: Doctorin’ The Tardis

From John Kelly… Entering the TARDIS – an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space , I go walkabout within the monolith that contains The Meaning of Life. I race across time eating Mad Max’s dust as he tears

Time Travel

Time Travel

Art Life Jul 17, 2008

Following on from her exhibition preview Isobel Johnston returns with this report on the Biennale, for real… This year’s Biennale of Sydney is a demonstrably rigorous curated exhibition involving 180 artists over several physical locations and online. Not that didacticism