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Pop to Popism: Artists On Screen & Pop Cinema

Pop’s influence on – and from – cinema…

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Here and Now Back Then

Mad Square tells us something…

Mad Bastards

Brendan Fletcher debut feature film Mad Bastards has just opened in cinemas. He tells The Art Life’s Andrew Frost of the projects long gestation, the art of directing non-actors and the seven year journey to bring the story to the screen… And learn how to win one of four double passes to the film.

New Work Friday #72

Precarious is a haunting evocation of the aftermath of the explosion at Chernobyl, 25 years on.

The Social Network

Have you noticed that it’s not just people who sell ‘handmade’ soap at markets complaining that our culture has become too high-tech, too overloaded with meaningless information, too much about voyeurism and instant gratification, too lacking in real human connection?

Inception: Christopher Nolan Generic

Marcus Trimble writes on the architectural vision of Christopher Nolan, from Batman Begins to Inception…



Movies Aug 02, 2010

Ian Shadwell wonders whether Inception is great entertainment or an over-inflated pseudo-profound hodgepodge – or maybe both?

Matthew Barney: No Restraint

The perhaps accidental revelation of Matthew Barney: No Restraint is that the artist comes off as a bit of a dunce…

Of Time and The City

Terence Davies’ essay film Of Time and the City shifts through public footage for private memories…

Exit through the foyer

Just who is the author of the doco Exit Through The Gift Shop wonders Michael Hutak. And does it really matter?