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Harrison Gallery Bides Adieu

Established Paddington exhibitor Harrison Galleries have announced their closure

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Untitled (Illuminated Tree)

Jonathan Jones’s art revels in simplicity but comes with layers of meaning…

In Conversation

Peter O’Doherty has painted suburban scenery and it’s obvious he gets around…

Names Withheld | George Raftopoulos

Sharne Wolff chats with Sydney painter George Raftopoulos…

2012: Bring It On

Sharne Wolff talks to commercial gallerists about the year ahead…

GrantPirrie Calls It Quits

GrantPirrie to close SHOCK

Drawn to abstraction

As the flood waters begin to recede into memory, business resumes at Brisbane’s commercial galleries, writes Sharne Wolff

Farewell white cube, hello brave new internets

Carrie Miller contemplates the end of the white cube gallery space…

Other people’s pictures

Welcome our newest contributor Tristian Koenig as he joins TEAM Art Life as our roving editor-at-large with this review of James Lynch’s latest show at Uplands Gallery…

Meet me at arms length

Sharne Wolff encounters the warmth, humour and the little bit of scary in Julie Fragar’s Brisbane commercial gallery debut…