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From Sharne Wolff...

As both working artist and musician for several decades now, Peter O’Doherty is one of few people in the country who manages to juggle two successful careers in the arts. In both art and music O’Doherty has always found abundant material in the everyday and the ordinary. Using his affection for mundane subjects O’Doherty makes the audience feel comfortable, encouraging us to take a second look.

In his latest show In Conversation O’Doherty has painted suburban scenery and it’s obvious he gets around. Subjects include the planes and traffic-filled streets of Sydney, the trams of Melbourne, the modest homes of Australian suburbia and the modern high-rise flats of Brisbane. He’s also done a series of chairs – each one with a distinct personality.

Although O’Doherty is clearly interested in the aesthetic effect of shape and line he cleverly uses his characteristic soft focus brush style to remove crisp lines and achieve a smooth result. Colours vary from the timeless blurred greys and greens of the trams and shadowy streetscapes to the bright vintage-style blues and reds of the chairs. O’Doherty seems to be hinting that looking at life with a little less focus might just make everything that extra bit sweet.

Until 23 June.
King Street Gallery on William, Darlinghurst.
Picture courtesy of the artist and King Street Gallery.

Sharne Wolff

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