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Consumption burn out

Guest blogger Gloria Suzie Kim makes her Art Life debut with a review of The Human Strike by Claire Fontaine at Helena Papadopoulos Gallery, Athens.

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New Work Friday #71

Grove is a site-sensitive installation by Kath Fries, which plays with notions of internal and external spaces by bringing the outside within, challenging perception and inviting contemplation.

Postcard: New York

The Art Life’s roving international editor Din Heagney writes from the city that never sleeps [and other New York cliches…]…

Things, not as they seem

Debut guest blogger Meredith Birrell contemplates the things that are there and the things that aren’t there in a recent show by Mark Ryan and Yuri Shimmyo…

New Work Friday #70

Barbara Knezevic is an artist based in Dublin, Ireland working in sculptural installation. Knezevic posits objects as a means of working out, a probe with which to test the viability of ideas.

New Work Friday #67

It looks like a room within a room, like architecture. It has walls and doorways and a roof. You can walk within and throughout it. But it has no real structural integrity. It is only cardboard, paint and yarn.

New Work Friday #63

The work ‘Spielberg on Kubrick (Father-figure dvd bonus extra) 2010 seeks to sloppify the proud (pseudo-) potency, present in the business of Hollywood film making.

Does the robot know I’m in here?

On a return visit to the Gallery of Modern Art, Sharne Wolff felt the uncanny presence of a bourgeois robot…

Unwishful Thinking

Isobel Philip paid a visit to Dara Gill’s Unwish at Firstdraft and left feeling anxious…

New Work Friday #59

Ali Noble primarily pays homage to pink.