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Notional Museum

Curiosity drove The Art Life to the National Museum of Australia. How has it weathered the storm of the history wars? Did it survive the intense criticism of its so-called “black armband” view of Australian history and which led to

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Archibald #2: So Close…

Del Kathryn Barton’sVasili Kaliman and contained familiar together within the Dreaming. Pros: Strikingly different, immaculately painted, spooky witchcraft! Cons: No one ever admits Archi voting is political, but it is… Percentage Chance of Win: 87% Cherry Hood’s Ben Quilty Pros:

Archibald #3: Middle Ranking

Robert Hannaford’s Tubes Pros: A nice change from wearing a t-shirt. Cons: He’s a big sexy bastard. Percentage Chance of Win: 40% Chris O’Doherty aka Reg Mombassa, Self portrait with high pants Pros: Lovely nod to John Brack, not a

Archibald #4: More To Do But…

Carmen Di Napoli’sGo for it Pros: The only bastard left standing… and who else are Archibald judges going to vote for?? Cons: Painted from photo [nice flash feature in background!], chair sticking out of head. Percentage Chance of Win: 12%

Beard Club For Men

A tour of the art prizes turns ugly.

Addendum, Erratum Etc #2

We slighted the talent of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber a couple of weeks ago and now we’re paying the price. As has been pointed out to us by A Reader, Chess had its lyrics written by Lloyd Webber associate Tim

Adios Amigo

Adios Amigo

Art Life , News Feb 13, 2004

Quirky Irishman Dr. Brian Kennedy announced on Monday that he would not be seeking a renewal of his contract at the National Gallery of Australia. After seven years, he’s out and heading back to Europe or perhaps New York, depending