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A very special greeting for 2011

While you’ve been sleeping, we’ve been tinkering.

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See you on the flip side

A duck walks into a bar…

Our new publishing schedule

Can’t stand so much free content? Help is at hand.

Welcome to Art Life 2.0

We’ve been planning this move for years and finally we’re home – welcome to the new look Art Life. Our five year mission continues into its seventh year – to seek out intelligent life in the art world, report on it, embrace it, and then love it like a little kitten…

Seasons Greetings

Perhaps Run-DMC captured the spirit of the season best when they wrote: Snow’s on the ground, snow white so bright In the fireplace is the yule log Beneath the mistle toe as we drink egg nog The rhymes you hear

A Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

During the last two weeks the hits on the Art Life have increased by a huge amount, making March/April the biggest month in the blog’s existence. We discovered the reason for this was an article which mentions us in the

Crouching Tiger, Nutty Squirrel

We promised ourselves when we started this blog that we weren’t going to get too self reflexive. We’d just talk about what was interesting to us and hope people would come along for the ride. So far, The Art Life