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The vote for the first part of our quest to discover what was 2006’s best show came in quick and fast – especially since we encourage multiple votes. There were some strong contenders – Vicky Browne‘s show at Pelt, which we thought very few had seen, scored well. The fatastic City of Shadows at the Police and Justice Museum also registered a strong vote. In the end, however, it was a race between Todd McMillan and Rectangular Ghost, a group show at Oxley curated by Amanda Rowell. At the conclusion of voting this morning Rectangular Ghost was the Kevin Rudd of the art world:

Vicky Browne @ Pelt 9% 18
Cullen/Brown @ MOP 9% 17
Tim McMonagle @ Kaliman 8% 16
Paul Knight @ ACP 8% 15
McLean Edwards @ Matin Browne 2% 3
Mark Heatherington @ Ray Hughes 10% 19
Ghosts of The Coast @ 4A 4% 8
Lindy Lee @ Oxley 5% 10
Rectangular Ghost @ Oxley 16% 31
Hannah Furmage @ Artspace 3% 6
Todd McMillan @ GrantPirrie 12% 24
Zanny Begg @ Mori 3% 5
City of Shadows @ Police & Justice Museum 5% 10
Biennale of Sydney 8% 16
Louis Pratt @ Depot Gallery 1% 2

200 votes total

With Rectangular Ghost now our carry over champ from Round 1, we announce part two. This will be in two parts, leading to a three cornered vote off commencing December 11.

Questions: What? Sydney only? Actually no, as you can see from the second two polls, we’ve included two exhibitions Art Life covered overseas, two in regional areas. We left The Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art out of the vote mainly because we forgot about it, even though we had been there. That might seem like a strange reason, but on reflection, a very good one.

Bah humbug, there’s nothing but art in commercial galleries here. We covered a lot of shows in 2006 in a variety of exhibition spaces – commercial, artist run, public, museums, regional, window spaces, even some shows staged on the street. The exhibitions we’ve selected – and we couldn’t put up everything we covered on the blog and on the podcast – have been chosen to reflect the variety of what we’ve covered and the range of art out there.

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