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Our three recent polls have been running as a rotating poll – that is, whenever you refresh the Art Life page you get a new poll… Magic! Here are the results of democracy in action:

It’s time for a new director of the AGNSW?

Yes 72% 74
No 5% 5
Hell no 23% 24

103 votes total

The Venice Biennale 2009 Australian selection

It’s great to see old favourites getting another go 23% 13
Great mix of young and not so young 4% 2
Hedging bets 9% 5
Ignored my suggestion of sending me and my friends 16% 9
Who gets the short straw and exhibits in the pavilion? 9% 5
Where’s my cheesecake? 40% 23

57 votes total


Encourages young people to be creative 16% 10
Encourages young people to embarrass themselves 25% 16
Gives conservative art critics a chance to beat up on post modernism 38% 24
A great way to promote handbags 6% 4
A great day out at the gallery 16% 10

64 votes total

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  1. What is your problem with Eddie Capon?? He seems to be a fantastic Director, busy, entertaining, media savvy, plus he is very good with Chinese stuff. Suppose you would replace him with some boring academic /critic and the whole joint would go downhill. Leave the guy alone. Is he retiring? Hope not.

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