Art World Thunderdome Part One

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The voting was intense – hours were wasted, friends were recruited, reputations were put on the line. In the end, our poll for The Most Influential Commercial Contemporary Art Gallery in Sydney was one of the most heavily contested ever posted on the blog. Oxley took an early lead and if Vasili Kaliman hadn’t wasted all that time on Facebook, the gallery might have had a chance, but in the end there could only be one – step forward Barry Keldoulis and claim your prize!

The Most Influential Commercial Contemporary Art Gallery in Sydney?

Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery 19% 78
Sherman Galleries 4% 15
Kaliman Gallery 12% 51
Sullivan & Strumpf 2% 7
GrantPirrie 6% 26
Boutwell Draper 2% 7
Yuill/Crowley 1% 5
Darren Knight Gallery 5% 19
Damien Minton Gallery 7% 27
Sarah Cottier Gallery 2% 9
Martin Browne Fine Art 0% 1
Gallery 9 7% 30
Groundfloor Gallery 1% 5
Tim Olsen Gallery 0% 2
Stills Gallery 3% 11
Ray Hughes Gallery 1% 6
Gallery Barry Keldoulis 24% 97
Rex Irwin Fine Art 2% 7
Liverpool Street Gallery 1% 3
King Street Gallery 1% 5

411 votes total

We’re currently running round two – the most influential artist-run gallery in Sydney. It’s a tight but friendly contest between Firstdraft and MOP at the moment, but anyone could win – even the entirely fictional Sport Space! If you want to rort the votes, remember, you can vote once a day until the voting ends this Friday at 5pm. Like they used to say in Queensland, vote early, vote often.

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