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The voting for our second last poll of the year was vigorous and consistent. Who is Sydney’s most influential artist? An early lead was established with votes for Brett Whiteley – surely one of the most well known painters of the subject of Sydney – and his mentor, Lloyd Rees, the sentimental master of antipodean Impressionism. An equally tough fight emerged between Mark Titmarsh, the philosopher king of the Inner West, and Mike Parr, an influential artist and teacher. Parr won by a nose for third place. Understanding that the definition of “influential” might also be thought of in terms of negative influence [or just perhaps because we secretly like his work] Ken Done nearly won the poll with a very respectable second place. In the end the surprise winner was Daniel Mudie Cunningham – Sydney’s most influential artist – off all time…. And he claims not to be an artist! Our voters think otherwise.

Most influential Sydney artist of all time?

Lloyd Rees 11% 36
Brett Whiteley 11% 38
Tracey Moffatt 4% 12
Matthys Gerber 3% 9
Mike Parr 13% 42
Ken Reinhard 0% 1
Geoff Kleem 3% 10
Mark Titmarsh 11% 38
Lisa Andrew 2% 6
Julie Rrap 2% 5
Daniel Mudie Cunningham 14% 46
Lynn Roberts Goodwin 1% 3
Ron Roberston Swann 1% 2
Margaret Olley 2% 7
Ken Done 13% 43
Vicki Papageorgopoulos 4% 13
Max Dupain 2% 8
Sam Smith 2% 6
Gunter Christman 0% 1
Joan Brasil 2% 7

333 votes total

Our final poll of the year – The Best Exhibition of 2007 – is made up of exhibitions we saw, reviewed or promoted here on the blog. We’ve kept our traditional another show option at the end, but to make it count, you need to say what other show you’re nominating in the comments below this post. Voting will finish next Sunday [December 23] at 5pm.

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