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Join our mailing list and receive a complimentary haiku! That’s right, when you join our Feedburner mailing list you get a complimentary haiku by Japanese master Basho at no extra charge. In addition to priceless 5-7-5 verse, you’ll also receive, delivered directly to your email, updates of new Art Life content at no charge! How do you get in on this amazing offer? Simply enter your email address into the box under Email Subscription, hit the ‘subscribe’ button. Follow the instructions to verify your address to make sure you’re not a robot, then you’ll be asked to activate your account via email. Once your signed up, an email will arrive the morning after new material is posted complete with images, links and all the full-flavoured Art Life content you’ve come to expect. It couldn’t be simpler!

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  1. Karen Dimmock

    please subscribe me to your email subscription

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