Were You There in ’74?

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anyone who witnessed a series of performances called Day to Day by artist Aleks Danko which took place in 1974. The performances entailed Aleks Danko being gagged, blindfolded and tied to a chair while holding a stopwatch; they ended when an alarm clock rang marking the passage of one hour. One of the performances took place on six different days of a week at each of the locations below:

o In Central Street Gallery, 1 Central Street, Sydney; 

o A corridor in the Domain Car Park, Woolloomooloo;

o A corridor in St James Station;

o In the Devonshire Street Tunnel;

o Next to an electricity sub-station on Art Gallery Road, the Domain;

o Lady Macquarie’s Chair.

Anyone who recalls seeing these performances, and would like to contribute their recollections of Day to Day, 1974, to an art project being developed by Anne Kay, is invited to call Anne on 0425 294 894 or email: mail@annekay.net for more information.

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