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Mike Parr: Foreign Looking

The weight of Parr’s Self Portrait Project is apparent in the number of attempts he’s made to end it.

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Mass Action: 137 Cakes in 90 Hours

Baking from Jam Drops and Marble Cake, a book released this year to celebrate 60 years of cooking competition hosted by the Country Women’s’ Association of NSW…

Free Fall

Free Fall

Art Life , Exhibitions Jul 13, 2012

The work is a visual interpretation of life-threatening kidney disease.

Dream Home

There goes the neighbourhood.

Grace +

Grace +

Exhibitions Jun 01, 2012

Social networking has changed the meaning of words for an entire generation of users…

New Work Friday #106

Extremist Activity is a series of performances that explore body politics, feminism and Islamophobia, in particular the idea of the Niqab and Burqa being a security threat.

Confidence, excitement, trepidation, annoyance and boredom…

Sharne Wolff wonders whether a tiger at Harry’s can match the excitement of four women with similar haircuts…

Anxious and Horny

Sharne Wolff interviews Eric Bridgeman and discusses identity, photography and tips a winner…

Digitus Infamis

Digitus Infamis

Art Life , Stuff Sep 16, 2011

Din Heagney flips us a history of the finger…

High Reflections #11

HR presents a wild and diverse night of music, noise and arpeggio.