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Who is the Australian art world’s most powerful person? In the first of our polls leading up to the release of The Power Trip: Australia’s Most Powerful People we’re throwing open the nominations [so far] to a vote. Register your vote at right on the homepage [just under the archive drop down menu], leave comments below with other nomination… and let the fighting begin.

Want to win a prize? You can nominate up to ten people on your own list of the most powerful. Leave them below, or send them to us at: the art life at hot mail dot com. The winner of the best, most original, credible and/or amusing list will win a mint condition copy of MONAISM, the catalogue of the first hang of the collection Museum of Old and New Art back whenever that was. This handsome volume comes factory-sealed in its own MONA-branded carry bag and includes a CD of songs performed at the opening by those guys who used to be TISM.

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  1. No one in the art world is powerful.

  2. Renny Kodgers is hands down the most powerful person in the Australian art world.

  3. phoreohphore

    Australia’s most significant Land Artist: Gina Rinehart.

  4. renee

    karl stefanovic

  5. The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP

  6. ben praccus

    Marcus Westbury

    You need to nominate people NOT on the list – Art Life Management

  7. Ardent Admirer

    Andrew Frost

  8. rsjbarker

    The Federal Minister for the Arts

  9. JFB

    Robyn Archer
    Esther Anatolitis
    Kathy Keele
    Rupert Myer
    Sophie Cunningham
    Stephen Armstrong
    Graeme Gherashe

  10. Carrie Miller

    Can women vote? If so, do you count women’s votes? If not, why not?

  11. Sissy

    Ben Quilty
    Dan templeman
    Fiona foley
    Scott Redford
    Julianne Schultz

  12. Troy

    John Kaldor.

  13. ruth

    true power lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted

  14. msresearcher

    Am I blind? Where is the freaking master list? How do you know “who’s on it”?

    Apparently… These are the lists for voting by the public – the rest of the list is being compiled by Art Life editors and contributors and will be unveiled in the fullness of time – Art Life Management

  15. tom

    Luca Belgiorno Nettis

  16. – the Trustees of the AGNSW; and
    – whoever is judging the Sulman (I wish it was Richard Bell in perpetuity)

  17. Chidzey

    Norman Hetherington

  18. kate deacock

    Mr Squiggle

  19. Ken Done!

  20. Melanie

    I say we have an Art Cage Battle to determine the victor.

  21. Skippy the bush kangaroo. ‘tchk tchk tchk’

  22. Robert Heather

    Tony Elwood

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