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The Power Trip 2020

This isn’t just the art world that we want, it’s the art world we deserve.

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The Power Trip 2019

Read it and weep!

The Power Trip 2017: The Most Powerful People in the Australian Art World

Welcome to the fifth outing of Australia’s most beloved power list – the good, the bad and the fugly of the Australian art world.

The Power Trip 2014: The 50 Most Powerful People in Australian Art

50 movers and shakers, groovers and fakers…

The Power Trip: Call For Nominations

You know you want it.

The Power Trip 2012

Money men and women, tastemakers, agitators, commentators and troublemakers..

Get Votin’

Get Votin’

Art Life , Stuff Nov 05, 2012

Who is the Australian art world’s most powerful person?