New Work Friday #101

New Work Jan 27, 2012 No Comments

“Interzone transforms the after-hours shadows and margins of various spaces and places into photographs and videos registering loss, absence, transience, uncertainty, anxiety and alienation. Dillon’s Down by Law examines isolation through a dislocation of people from place and nature. Shanahan’s Neighbours depicts an interzone between public and private, intimacy and distance, voyeurism and documentation. In conflating digital and analogue photography, moving image and still photographs and large-scale printing with hand-made darkroom photographs, the artists iterate a contemporary age of convergence and multi-platform dissemination, declare any remaining debate about digital and analogue values to be marginal and locate themselves irrevocably in the present.” – Damian Dillon & Rebecca Shanahan. Eastern Bloc Gallery, from January 13th to 28th, 2012.

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