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Troy Emery, time traveller (large), 2012, pompoms, polyurethane, glass eyes, timber. 108 x 160 x 48 cm. Photo: Troy Emery.

Troy Emery, time traveller (small), 2012, pompoms, polyurethane, glass eyes, timber. 150 x 97 x 70 cm. Photo: Troy Emery.

“A tension between decoration and representation is present when looking at animals. They are not only living creatures: Animals can be seen as decorative objects. Pets decorate living spaces, furs decorate the body, animal patterns decorate furniture, taxidermy decorates the museum diorama, and hunting trophies decorate the hunter. Troy Emery refers to his sculptures as ‘fake taxidermy’ because they mimic the process of taxidermy without actually producing a real result. The particular animals he chooses to work with fall between being exotic and easily recognisable. The taxidermy mannequins used represent species including mountain lions, wolverines, and foxes but with the addition of their colourful pelts they become harder to classify. The colours of his animals are like those of exotically coloured birds of paradise prized for the vibrancy of their feathers. Some of the animal’s poses and statures seem aggressive, contradicting their soft, colourful costumes – just as in nature where many soft, cuddly animals can be quite unpleasant up-close. As in the menagerie or a zoo, the primary concern is with appearances” – Troy Emery.

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  1. Cool. Thanks.

  2. Grace


    Would like a little more info about Troy and his work if possible please … where he is based and if/where he exhibits or would like to.



    The link from Troy’s name takes you to his blog which has all his details – Art Life Management.

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