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Hello. It’s been too long since we had a sit down, a nice cup of tea and a chat. How are you? Really, wow, that’s good!

Us? We’ve been flat out with all sorts of pressing concerns [the office is a mess] and exciting future projects [cleaning up the office]. In the meantime The Art Life had to find a new host because the old one couldn’t handle the traffic. That’s right, the blog is now north of 2 million hits since May 2010 and climbing with more unique readers than the most popular Australian print art magazine. Our exact numbers are a shhhh secret [… but if you offered us a drink at an opening we’d tell you that if you took the circulation of the most popular Australian art magazine and multiplied it by seven you’d be in the right vicinity]. Anyway…

We’ve made a few changes around the place, the most recent of which was the relaunch of the Exhibitions section. In the past we’d used that as a space to post invitations and press releases about interesting shows and events. Now we’re previewing new and upcoming exhibitions of note. We’re always looking for new shows to cover so if you’d like to be considered send us an email with info and pics [with ‘Exhibitions’ in the subject line] to: the art life at hot mail dot com.

In other real news, we’ll soon be relaunching The Art Life podcast. Long time readers [and listeners] of this site will remember way back in 2006 we did a bi-weekly podcast which was a recording of our appearances on Eastside Radio with DJ Sean O’Brien. The new podcast will be a somewhat different kind of project than the old laid back chat. The new podcast will feature interviews with artists and curators, maudlin monologues… and our patented prank phone calls, such as that classic we did that one time to The Walls Gallery. We’ll also be doing an emails and questions segment, so send your emails with questions etc to the usual place. We will keep you informed.

Now, where’s that drink you promised us?

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