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From Sharne Wolff

Given their growing international reputation, it may surprise some to learn that one core member and founder of performance group Chicks on Speed was originally from Australia. That artist, Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan (from the USA) have teamed up for SCREAM with Australian collaborators, drummers Tina Havelock Stevens and Erica Bronwyn Lewis, and the Lycra Ladies dance troupe. The latest in a long line of artistic associations, the plan for this show is to produce a radical recipe of fresh ingredients using the Chicks unique style of mash up – which pulls together cutting edge art, pop, music, fashion and performance.

QT_March 15_Chicks on Speed

As is obvious from the title, Chicks on Speed are planning a high pitched and energetic visit to Sydney. SCREAM will involve an ‘immersive interactive installation’ which is performed using a combo of stage, canvas and playable musical instrument. The custom built stage is the latest in their theatrical brand of DIY ‘objektinstruments’ which in the past have included wireless multi-coloured guitar shoes, hats that convert to microphones and cigar box synthesisers. The audience isn’t left out either. An iTunes app will shortly be available for interactive participation.

What’s all this for? According to the artists, sometimes they don’t know until they’ve begun performing. Mostly, they’re seeking to develop a performative language that explodes conventions around gender roles, art world politics and accepted forms of culture. Chicks on Speed are seriously cheeky. They give the impression there’s no boundaries to making art and nothing they won’t try.

Until April 21
Artspace, Woolloomooloo
Pic: Chicks on Speed, production image for SCREAM, courtesy Chicks on Speed and Kathrin Krothenthaler.

Sharne Wolff

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