New Work Friday #174

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Magic Man (oil on canvas) -The Art Life

Blue Waltz - New Work Friday

Earthly Delights-The Art Life

Pendulum - The Art Life

Shadow Beast - The Art Life

“The inspiration for this body of work entitled Penny For My Thoughts, continues with the fascination of painting and drawing to present a liberal state of the human consciousness intertwined with subterranean thought. It explores ideas about one’s own uncertainty, spawning images of self-reflective ambiguity of a moral, spiritual and physical nature. The works’ content and themes are driven by a sense of psychological displacement and association in dealing with the shadows of the self. On viewing, one may feel the pendulum swinging somewhere metaphorically between antonym/synonym, similarity /contradiction, autobiographical and or universal meaning. A series of mixed media work (assisting the paintings) encapsulates thinking patterns and the ever-changing mutability of one’s voice. These mixed media works, which I prefer to call “thinking drawings”, help to build a complex and layered picture of humankind” – Louisa Chircop

The Art Life

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