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From Sharne Wolff

Two years ago, the opening night of the first Sydney Contemporary Art Fair caused train and traffic chaos in Redfern and surrounds when mobs of boys and girls thought an easily obtained VIP card meant they were in for special treatment. And free drinks. It was smart idea that guaranteed a huge crowd. While regular Melbourne Art Fair goers arrived dressed up to the nines, Sydney sided with grunge chic, torn Branded jeans and exy message Ts. A big party was had and according to all accounts, galleries sold plenty of art.

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks

Some things, however, are destined not to stay the same. This time round, the Fair’s energetic Director Barry Keldoulis and his crew have ensured that real VIPs – those who’ve paid for the privilege, are being courted by a gallery, helped install some partitions – and maybe even a few artists, will be treated as such. The rest of us will be at the official Opening Night on Thursday and will stick around at Carriageworks for a long weekend of art. Currently generating a serious buzz, SCAF promises work from a legion of more than 200 Australian and international artists and also boasts a terrifically comprehensive lineup of accompanying events. Alongside separately curated programs of installation, video and performance art, are a range of talks, celebrity panels, artist studio tours, pop-up bars and other assorted happenings. Meanwhile the most popular text message on everyone’s phone isn’t ‘are you going?’ but ‘what am I going to wear?’ Be there or be square.

From September 10 to 13
Carriageworks, Eveleigh
Pic: Sydney Contemporary Art Fair at Carriageworks.

Sharne Wolff


  1. George Shaw

    Reading all four stories about the upcoming concurrent fairs in your email newsletter left me fairly fatigued. I’m opting to be square this time ’round.

  2. another one that opting to stay at home or as is said to be square

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