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Untitled (Illuminated Tree)

Jonathan Jones’s art revels in simplicity but comes with layers of meaning…

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What the Birds Knew

The story behind this particular strange and beautiful sculpture connects to a fascinating and disturbing aspect of local history.

New Work Friday #117

“A tension between decoration and representation is present when looking at animals. They are not only living creatures: Animals can be seen as decorative objects. Pets decorate living spaces, furs decorate the body, animal patterns decorate furniture, taxidermy decorates the museum diorama, and hunting trophies decorate the hunter.”

New Work Friday #113

Cow up a tree…

New Work Friday #112

My Plastic City represents the annual consumption of one individual.

In-Habit: Project Another Country

Ingenuity and good humour…



Art Life , Exhibitions Jun 08, 2012

n a sometimes repetitive art scene, witnessing Haines and Hinterding’s highly original and inspired work is like getting to catch lightning in a bottle.

Extensions of a No Place

This no-place is a place beyond the vanishing point, the horizon line, the picture plane…

Museums Have The Same Problems as Unions

Sophisticated and beautiful may seem like strange words to apply to the work of an artist with a fondness for materials you can get at your nearest Bunnings…

One Crowded Hour?

One Crowded Hour?

Reviews Apr 26, 2012

Sharne Wolff took a trip across the river to Brisbane’s IMA and Mikala Dwyer’s recent solo show…