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New Work Friday #106

Extremist Activity is a series of performances that explore body politics, feminism and Islamophobia, in particular the idea of the Niqab and Burqa being a security threat.

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Them Listless Folk

Sharne Wolff encounters the strange tale of Waterface in Laith McGregor’s latest solo show…

Stocking Stuffers Part 1

Our writers round up their top ten stuff from the year; exhibitions, music, movies, books and more. Andrew Frost tries to keep the year to the one nearly over…

Put Out More Flags

Sharne Wolff talks with Alex Seton about marble and politics…

Digitus Infamis

Digitus Infamis

Art Life , Stuff Sep 16, 2011

Din Heagney flips us a history of the finger…

The Golden Thread: Hany Armanious at the Venice Biennale

John Kelly feels a song coming on – and it goes a little like this…

Drawn to abstraction

As the flood waters begin to recede into memory, business resumes at Brisbane’s commercial galleries, writes Sharne Wolff

New Work Friday #75

“These animal sculptures represent an interest in the importance of surface in taxidermy and the way we view animals as decorative objects.”

Postcard from London

Think of London, a small city, dark, dark in the daytime… Rather than sleeping in the day time Din Heagney, The Art Life’s roving International affairs editor, got out of the house and down to the Tate Modern. He writes…

One thing becoming another

At Nicholas Folland’s show at GrantPirrie, Isobel Philip wonders at the strangeness of one thing becoming another…