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Fiona Hall for Venice 2015

Fiona Hall is the winner.

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Venice Postcard: The Vernissage is the Greatest Work of Art

Todd fuller reports from Venice on the splendour of the Vernissage, the golden showers and the Aussie pavilion triumph…

The Golden Thread: Hany Armanious at the Venice Biennale

John Kelly feels a song coming on – and it goes a little like this…

Warning: Porn Inside

“Except for Ken Yonetani’s Sweet Barrier Reef, a rather dull comment on the effects of consumerism on nature, the Australian off-site project Once Removed curated by Felicity Fenner offers a refreshing insight into the predicament of displacement. Undoubtedly part of

Off The Rails

Off The Rails

Media Jun 23, 2009

The paltry offerings from Australian art critics sojourning in Italy for the 2009 Venice Biennale have been thus far the usual predictable fare – pithy putdowns for art they have no time for, offering instead a blanket refusal to engage

Jerry Saltz, He Say No

From there I saw as many of the pavilions as I could. My Worst in Show award was a three-way tie between Australia, Japan, and France. Australia’s Shaun Gladwell parked a burned-out Road Warrior–ish car outside the pavilion.

Venice Reflux: Doctorin’ The Tardis

From John Kelly… Entering the TARDIS – an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space , I go walkabout within the monolith that contains The Meaning of Life. I race across time eating Mad Max’s dust as he tears

All In The Numbers

First, the bad news. Our planned updates from Venice never eventuated because of a number of logistical reasons. The most pressing problem was the Serene Republic’s lack of net cafes, the second problem was that there was no time to

Saluti dalla centrale del "blag" di arte!

TEAM Art Life is on the international blag express to Venice!

All Ricky All The Time

Reviews and notices for Cate Blanchet and some guy at Venice Biennale…