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We’ve recently received a number of emails and comments asking us to do things, add links to our site or make various admissions. For example, a reader known only as Cruiser asked in a typically demanding yet lovable way:

Maybe its time to decide whats actually going on here TAL – I’m getting the impression that you’ve lost interest and your readership (except for the entertaining crazies) has drifted on to other things. There’s not really much interesting discussion re the Art scene or exhibitions etc going on any more. Or is it just a phase your going thru?

For those of you who may have missed the several postings on the subject, we are currently making the Art Life TV Show for the ABC. As a consequence it’s impossible for us to get around the galleries to see shows and review them. Instead, we have thrown open the pages of the blog to guests to do just that. Some have been from far flung places [two from New York, one from London, one from Melbourne] and a couple from right here in Sydney. The invitation is still open to any of our readers to submit reviews. We’ll be returning to the blog full time in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of the TV show, Tommy H Knockoff wondered:

Random question TAL. Rumour has it all the artists in your TV show are male. Any comment?

Everybody knows that to get a show on the ABC you need to have your gender, race and sexuality balance just right, and they send you a special form to fill out for their records – a safeguard in case the Federal Government’s Committee for Gender Race & Sexuality comes a’ knocking. We completed the form early, so we’re above reproach. Tommy also queried:

and when is this masterpiece going to be on?

The series is scheduled to start July 10, which is the second Tuesday of the month, at 10pm – after Foreign Despondent and before Latte line with Tony Jones. We’ll be reminding our readers of this exciting event as we draw closer – and we’ll be offering a very special sneak preview. More to come!

There can only be one! Or so we thought. We have recently been made aware of the brand new Adelaide-based blog artadelaide which chronicles the “diminishing visual arts in Adealide”. The writers boast they have 85 years of combined experience in the arts and include writers, artists, a curator and a collector among their contributors. A recent post decried the abscence of various porminent local art world figures from a recent edition of Who’s Who In South Australia. Incredibly, Alan “Three Jobs” Cruickshank – who not only runs the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia but also edits and designs that august publication Broadsheet – was left out! Artadelaide remains unimpressed. Please join us in welcoming the team to the blogosphere [TM]…

Finally, for those of you concerned over the imminent closure of the Brett Whiteley studio, don’t be, the Brett Whiteley Studio is not closing.

Dear Artlife

It has been brought to our attention that there is a notice on your site that the Brett Whiteley studio has closed. The Brett Whiteley studio hasn’t closed and has recently been made free, due to a significant sponsorship. Would you mind changing this on your site to correct this information. We would appreciate that. thank you

kind regards

Art Gallery of NSW

Andrew Frost

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