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Art Life Dec 09, 2008 No Comments

Greetings. We have been away. Well, not exactly away… but working hard on the new series of The Art Life. We’re super-happy to announce that the series is almost, oh-so nearly completed with only a few tweaks here and there, a balance adjustment and a new break pad required to make the shiny, new three-parter appropriately pink slipped and road worthy.

You’re no doubt wondering – what can we expect from this long-awaited return to TV? The new series is much like the first series, only different, with new artists, new art and some new ideas to sweeten the deal. The cutting edge talent includes Albert Tucker, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Moe, Barry Humphries and Vincent Van Gogh. We also go inside some studios, galleries and a garage…

The series will screen on ABC1 early in 2009.

Can’t wait? Over the coming months we’ll be posting excerpts from the show right here, courtesy of the producers, and for those of you on FaceBook, join our Art Life group and get special discount offers, coupons and save, save, save.

Andrew Frost

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