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Art Life Mar 13, 2009 No Comments

    And so we prepare for the broadcast on Tuesday 17th March, 2009 of the first episode of The Art Life 2. So proud, so excited… But what goes into the making of a show? Who is behind it?

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The Art Life 2: Sittin’ and Thinkin’

The Art Life 2 begins on March 17th, 2009 at 10pm on your ABC.

All Your ABC Are Belong To Us

Greetings. After months of meeting ‘n’ greeting artists, travelling here and there in a van and then spending countless hours in the edit room, The Art Life Series 2 is ready to go. Oh yes. Episode 1 is called Starry

The Art Life 2: "What is Life?"

Danielle Freakley from The Art Life 2…

Listen to the bear…

The Art Life Series 2 coming soon in early 2009.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Art Life Dec 09, 2008

Greetings. We have been away. Well, not exactly away… but working hard on the new series of The Art Life. We’re super-happy to announce that the series is almost, oh-so nearly completed with only a few tweaks here and there,

No Man, We Love It

It’s hard to imagine why anyone with discerning musical taste wouldn’t like reggae. It’s from reggae that most contemporary music has grown. Its influence on the roots of hip hop and electronica is well documented and the culture of DJ

Tonight’s The Night…

The Art Life at The Biennale of Sydney screens tonight at 10pm on ABC1. There’s a trailer on the ABC’s TV website right now. Click through to preview number 6. If you’d like to record your impressions of the show

Strictly Professional

We’re feeling much better now. The past week has been one long marathon of Biennale openings, media events and chit chats with artists. Our involvement has of course been purely professional. We are working on an Art Life Biennale TV

Shorter Than Atonement

The Art Life Season One is available on DVD*. Featuring all three episodes presented in their entirety, in 16:9 format and in stereo, the set comes on one handy disc packaged in a collectable plastic-look DVD box featuring handsome cover