Shorter Than Atonement

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The Art Life Season One is available on DVD*. Featuring all three episodes presented in their entirety, in 16:9 format and in stereo, the set comes on one handy disc packaged in a collectable plastic-look DVD box featuring handsome cover art by Narelle Autio. A bargain at $39.95 [including p&p] the DVD features the complete Art Life series screened on ABC1. To be among the first to purchase a copy all you’ll need is a credit card and a PayPal account. Go to Barefoot Communications, click on the link “Pay with Paypal” and you’re away!

[* Although some customers may have experienced delays in delivery of their orders, initial teething problems with our web form ordering system have been rectified. In fact, we have gone so far as to deliver FREE OF CHARGE additional copies of the Art Life series, Not Quite Art and the superlative documentary 900 Neighbours as a conflict resolution process and everyone is now very happy with the results. We will also answer queries about the series such as “Is this as good as ATONEMENT?” Answer – Yes it is. Probably better. In Atonement there is a lot of to-do about a letter that shouldn’t have been delivered but accidentally was, and although Kiera Knightly actually thought it was OK to talk about her “cunt” that way, her little sister did not, which then led to another 2 hours of tawdry goings on in which that Scottish bloke goes a bit mad and then dies in France during the Dunkirk evacuation. Comparatively, THE ART LIFE is 3/4 of on hour shorter, has some jokes and no mention of “cunts” – at least not by us. We can’t vouch for what you’d think. ]

Andrew Frost

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