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From Sharne Wolff

In 1943, the Nazis executed a daring plan to rescue Mussolini from his temporary prison in a small Hotel located in the wild Abrezzo region of Italy. This is just one of many stories uncovered by Sarah Mosca on a recent visit to the Italian region where she asked to inspect Mussolini’s room and was amazed to be given the key. The reason for her journey was to see the small town of Campo Imperatore – the place of her father’s birth. Mosca was captivated by the area’s history and a sense of her ‘genetic connection’ to this place, so she searched for clues from the past to inform her sense of belonging. In New Works, Mosca has produced a series of digital pigment prints of the landscape that respond to this recent experience. They’re intertwined with fragments of childhood memory and ideas drawn from the old photographs and postcards in her collection. The artist is interested in the ambivalent territory between material form and content.

The works are displayed in pairs, one of each is modified and framed behind coloured pink perspex. This extra layer further abstracts the image and intentionally interferes with the visual experience. Unlike tourist snaps, Mosca’s images intend to go beyond the surface and to capture representations of passing time and the emotional impact of her explorations.

Until December 1
Galerie pompom, Chippendale.
Pic: SarahMosca, Untitled (Part 1) 2012, digital pigment print, 80 x 80 cm Edition of 3 + 1 AP. Courtesy the artist and Galerie pompom.

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