Plastiscenic: Future Remains

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From Sharne Wolff

The introduction for Shona Wilson’s latest show tells us ‘the exhibits … are the results of archeological finds on this planet dating from the Early, Middle and Late Plasticene (1950-60740 AD)’. Wilson’s artistic practice has had an ongoing environmental theme and she’s always worked with found natural materials. Since she discovered two years ago that scientists had discovered tiny particles of plastic solids in the cellular structure of plankton, Wilson began to include the synthetic material in her organic sculptures. Like those absorbed by various forms of plankton, Wilson blends together these otherwise incompatible materials into things of simple beauty. The plastic becomes almost undetectable and is surreptitiously transformed into the DNA of a futuristic hybrid.

Plastiscenic: Future Remains includes Wilson’s mimetic Specimens exhibited in glass domes, each described as Exhibit ‘X’. The Fossils series includes her 3D framed polymer prints and fossils morphed from leaves, twigs and plastic. The captions contain the geographic coordinates of the place they were found and the future year in which they are to be discovered. Seduced by the beauty of these future objects the viewer is hoodwinked into thinking they are natural phenomena. And that’s the scary part – Wilson reminds us that environmental neglect may result in future catastrophe. The phrase ‘plastic fantastic’, now with a slightly more ominous tone, comes to mind for this show.

Until December 22
King Street Gallery on William, Darlinghurst.

Pic: Shona Wilson, Exhibit M – (20 500 AD), found@ 19’S/106’W processed found plastic and natural material under perspex dome 55x65x20 cm (actual work) 83x96x 30cm (framed). Courtesy the artist and King Street Gallery.

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