But Wait There’s More #10

But Wait There's More Feb 21, 2013 No Comments

Sampling the delights of the best of art writing…


“A thought hits you and regardless of its relevance you follow it. Initiate it. Play with it.

Build situations that do something for you and set them up for someone else to view over your shoulder.

Pull colours and shapes out of your head and smash them back into someone else’s. Force it. Blood red. Cocaine white. Heaps Aegean blue, all over the shop.

Put a bunch of stuff in a room and see what it does to itself. Things will start talking to each other and, if you’re lucky, to you and everyone else.

Allow for contradiction, uncertainty and for things to be incomplete. Boycotting truth opens up a new realm where your stuff is free to interact in unpredictable ways.

If I shine a flashlight on it, maybe you can tell me what it is.”

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