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“Einstürzende Neubauten [“Collapsing New Buildings”] is a German industrial band, originally from West Berlin, formed in 1980. The group currently comprises Blixa Bargeld (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard), Alexander Hacke (bass, guitar, vocals), N.U. Unruh (custom-made instruments, percussion, vocals), Jochen Arbeit (guitar and vocals), and Rudolf Moser (custom-built instruments, percussion, and vocals).
One of their trademarks is the use of custom-built instruments, predominantly made out of scrap metal and building tools, and noises, in addition to standard musical instruments. Tabula Rasa is the sixth full length studio album from the German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten and was released in 1993.
Anita Lane joins Blixa Bargeld on vocals for the song “Blume” – Wikipedia

Andrew Frost

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  1. vc

    Although very different from their classic “industrial” work of c. 80-86, this shows their fierce originality and fits in perfectly with the strangeness and range of the Tabula Rasa album.
    A great great band, as far as I know (I haven’t heard anything after 2000’s “Silence is Sexy.”)

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